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 주간랭킹 (WORK)


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Intro (G2)

Verse 1 (G2)

붐뱁에 내가 왕 한쿡 힙합의 don

머리위엔 왕관 its mine 상관

은 절대 마 i keep it dirty like the hangang river

Ima tell you one tyme

핫뜨거 마치 여름에 잠바

마치 숯불속에 감자

열등셧 내가 진짜 사나이

Drop that mothafucka rhyme hot

Rap phenomenon

내가 밤을 꼬박 샐떼 너는 잠을자


난 달라 넌 흑백삶 난 최신 hd mothafucka million different color

나는every currency

Peso yen won euro pounds dollas

난 바로 global artist

될떼까지 steady stackin up them mileage

When i was 18 i said mothafucka college

남들 처럼 살기가 난 싫어 계속 mic을잡았지

무대위 조명빛을 받는게 내 fantasy

Hook (G2, Debi)

G2 and Debi we in the building

Mic 앞에서는 고바야시 보다 식신

Shout out to lyricks it's that ol school boom 밥 shit 

이런 비트 정도는 그냥 내 간식

배고파 (배고파) 붐밥 (붐밥)

It's time to eat (it's time to eat) 붐밥 (붐밥)

It's that old school boom 밥 shit

Shout out to Lyricks mothafucka we the best mc's

Verse 2 (Debi)

이건 붐뱁 muhfuckin' boom track

내가 보여줄게 how to ol' skool rap

이 비트 내가 먹어줄게 마치 붐밥

Ima die legend 한국의 비기 투팍

익어갈때 나의 플로우 너는 탓해

펜과 종이만 있어도 나는 갓뎀

기초부터 배워 이건 no doubt

받아들이지 못하면 너는 걍 노답

붐밥은 나의 에너지 내가 먹지

It's time to eat 난 씬을 입에 넣지

I guarantee 내 이름 높이 올려

두고봐 내가 올해 안에 골 넣어

G2 Debi Lyricks in da buildin'

누가 막아 우릴 we goin' billion

이게 붐밥 shit dat 깊은 flavor

NY to 서울 더 뜨겁게 데워 wut

Hook (G2, Debi)

Verse 3 (Lyricks)

Check. we had a viral video it was called ‘The Gift’

Me and Manifest: collectively over two million hits

But we were kids! We ain’t know about Youtube money and chips!

We were just happy the track that we made… man it gave us trips!

We would: roll with the set. We drove with the clique going over the set.

We posed for the flicks. We’d murder every show with no sweat. 

Never oppose those that wanted to step! 

matter of fact: I would always add at the end “You wanted to bet?”

But if you: choke when u spit. Man I would joke on your chick. 

Motorboating both of her tits. Yea! Lyricks. I overdosed on it quick. 

Man I admit it… uhhh yea man i was sort of a dick. 

Yea I admit when I spit it: yea man my focus would slip. 

But before The Gift bro? I wanted to rip shows. Chill with six hos that suck dick slow. 

That sniff coke. That bump Diplo. But I made the switch tho!

You know: my personal DEMASCUS 

If I tried to hide the temptations in songs: I'm a masker. 

So don't ask me if I did it. Man I did that. 

That's why wack mcs always skidaddle and they d-dash. 

That's why I'm respected by the real wherever I spit at. 

That's why I like the ape because before ape he was kid ash. 

Man alllllready. (Itgma)

Go to your debut: G2 and Debi, with a bottle of makuli and a pot of chappaghetti 

and I drop it heavy... stop already. You a see thru dummy. I dread your music like g2 (hair)

(I think I got old) I look around and see my haters (just watch me)

I see these struggle artists (damn got a long way to go) I'm almost 30. Homie. 

(I'm almost 30) Do I keep it riggity real? Or (do I go out and make money?)

People going out with a bang, growing out their bangs! refuse (to sell me) 

Man they be suckers homie. Chupacabra!

my boys are tied up with their suit and tied up. 

improve the product in the tube sock, till i’m eating off boombap


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